About our platforms

We brought our music to the big music stores via the distributor "recordjet".

Below is a hyperlink that takes you directly to our music in the main music stores and social audio platforms. The link also contains our social media channels:

Our music can also be heard - free of charge and without registration - with the social audio platforms soundcloud or bandcamp.


We like Soundcloud.


SoundCloud is the world's largest social audio platform.
The great thing about soundcloud is that there are a lot of players in the music business (artists, labels, agencies, etc...) acting on soundcloud and you can interact with them.

You can rate songs from other musicians and have your music rated with "Repost Exchange" from Soundcloud (there is even an app for android and ios).
We had a lot of good contacts via Soundcloud, and we even got a contract with a music label for one of our songs.
So far, we have had very good reviews and appreciative comments, even received a chart-placement in the Top 10 of  "Soundcloud Repost Exchange"  for one of our songs.


Music2Deal is a platform where artists can offer their music and actors from the music business search for music.
It´s a platform for the international music business that connects 17,000 music professionals from 150 countries and all areas of the industry.
The basic membership is even free.

There are even charts of the artist offerings there. In October 2023 we were even at number 1 in the charts of the top artist offerings.