About our releases

"If No One" is a Pop/Rock Ballad. 
The first release from Seßler/Zeeb with English lyrics.
It is an appeal for humanity and compassion in times that seem harder.
Release Date: 05.04.2024.

The song has received many appreciative reviews from music blogs around the world. Click HERE for a pdf link if you like to read them.
The song is also played on several internet radio stations.

The song also achieved two chart positions.
 On soundcloud RE the song reached position 26 in the Top 40 and onGlacer FM (Indie internet radio station with 3.9 million listeners) the song even reached position 5 in the Top 10.


"N.N." was released on 0ctober 27th, 2023. 
"N.N." is an electronic instrumental track.
Genre: electronica, synth pop, synth wave, dark electronic, lo-fi.

What does the song-title mean?
Nomen nescio , abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person.
From Latin nomen – "name", and nescio – "I do not know", it literally means "I do not know the name".
The song has received some very good reviews from music blogs and has been played on over 40 radio stations worldwide.
The song even made it into the Euro Indie Music Charts.
 Best placement was number 53 (out of 600) in December 2023. 

 The single was released on March 17th, 2023.
"Wenn" is a lively Pop song with a bit of jazzy attitude and cranky wordplay in the lyrics.

The song was played on several Internet Radio Stations and even made it into the top 10 charts at  the  #1 Global Internet Radio Station "GlacerFM" (focusing on Unsigned and Independent Music in all genres), number 4 as the best placement.
The song was also broadcasted by the "European Indie Music Network". It ran there in the radio show "Formula Indie", broadcasted on 39 radio stations worldwide.
In addition numerous  music blogs all over the world published excellent reviews about the song. 
Klick here for a pdf-link to a selection of the reviews.

There is also a video of the song with the song lyrics displayed, created by Zeno Music and published on their 50 k yt channel:

In July 2023, the song received the highest possible rating of 5 stars at the international "UK Songwriting Contest" (one of the most renowned songwriting competitions with a very popular jury of music professionals) and also received a certificate from the jury as "Commended Entry" (recommended song contribution). 

Studio album "Märchen" (12 songs, 18.03.2022)  

All songs on the album were written by Kurt Seßler, he also is the lyricist and singer.
Werner Zeeb - as a multi-instrumentalist - played all the instruments and is the producer of the album.
He also designed the cover.
Background vocals are from Werner Zeeb, Julian Seßler and Franziska Groß.
Produced with small studio and equipment and done everything by themselves.with low budget.

There are many musical styles on the album:
From Rock and Pop to ballads, reggae to folk music and funky/jazzy elements.
Characteristics of the album are catchy melodies, varied harmonies, pulsating rhythms and subtle German lyrics.
The album is like their taste in music - very varied.

In March 2022, the album was placed on all major music streaming platforms via the distributor "recordjet".

The German lyrics are also displayed on most platforms.

In addition, the two musicians are still on several social audio platforms - such as soundcloud and bandcamp. They made a lot of contacts through this.

Even a music label contacted them via soundcloud, with whom they then received a license agreement for one of their songs.
Other songs of the album were played on Internet Radio Stations and even were listed on Top10-charts